List of 107 Health & Fitness blogs that allow guest posts

UK’s original collective of lifestyle bloggers and digital influencers, fueling the country’s most influential social content
Domain Authority: 54
No bro science and no faux science
Domain Authority: 20
To energize, elevate, engage and empower ourselves and others to be the best we can be through information, resources, motivation and inspir
Domain Authority: 25
We offer our advertisers a trusted platform to creatively reach their target audience with tailored experiences
Domain Authority: 66
Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.
Domain Authority: 84
My mission here is to deliver basic health and hygiene habits, natural health remedies and health-giving recipes
Domain Authority: 23 – The purpose to create Fitnistics is to spread the value of staying fit and in shape. Being living healthy life I will share
Domain Authority: 26
we have helped millions of readers get to the root of their own life's purpose by taking the complicated and breaking it down into a simple
Domain Authority: 88
Sports Then and Now, a site dedicated to keeping sports fans updated on the current sports world while also regularly taking walks down memo
Domain Authority: 55
Midlife Boulevard is an online magazine focusing on the lives of women over 40.
Domain Authority: 48
India\'s first Beauty Blog dedicated to clean and green beauty.
Domain Authority: 7
Wealthy Gorilla was founded in 2014 by Dan Western, as a website to help motivate and inspire others to improve their own lives, and live li
Domain Authority: 60
Our goal is to teach you to live a healthier and natural life.
Domain Authority: 32
Healthy Lifestyle
Domain Authority: 18
We’re an extraordinary trio from Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, a country located in the Central Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe.
Domain Authority: 27
Australia\'s Leading Blog Post Platforms
This website is created by the groups of a medical professional with all statically scrutiny over a period of time for the individual’s bene
Domain Authority: 13
Sweet Style is a women’s lifestyle blog for the woman who never has anything to wear.
Domain Authority: 26
We are a website exploring the various ‘How’s’ of life. All of us keep on wondering how things work according to our respective fields.
Domain Authority: 11
HealthIID is a health blog, where all the members of Healthiid team try to find the best solution of any diseases and share their knowledge
Domain Authority: 13
One Green Planet is a platform for the growing compassionate and eco-conscious generation.
Domain Authority: 73
Here at mindbodygreen, we believe in the fundamentals of science-based holistic well-being: Moving, eating clean, breathing, connection, and
Domain Authority: 88
Our website address is:
Domain Authority: 26
To simplify mom's life
Domain Authority: 42
Webnshare is a free instant approval Guest Blogging, Guest Posting and article submission website.
Domain Authority: 10 was launched with the mission to educate each other and figure out a strategy to remain healthy within a limited budget.
Domain Authority: 30
Making budget yet efficient choices while making a home gym
Newspaper is your news, entertainment, music fashion website. We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the ente
Domain Authority: 32
Urban Naturale: Healthy, Green, Natural, By Design
Domain Authority: 43
Greatist is here to help you sort through the universe and find what’s real, smart, lasting, and workable.
Domain Authority: 79
All about Men styling
Domain Authority: 54
HealthResource4u is your place to read medical advice and honest reviews about all things related to Health and Beauty!
Domain Authority: 41
Discover healthful recipes, best fitness trends, workouts and other fit-spiration from around the web at God of a small thing.
Seizing every moment
Domain Authority: 0
Naaree is an online magazine for work-at-home moms, career and business women in India.
Domain Authority: 38
Always the same – think small, live long and love everyone.
Domain Authority: 21
Story of a fashion designer, traveler and a mother
Domain Authority: 29
Our vision is to offer a comprehensive online resource for locating Ayurvedic practitioners and centers worldwide.
Domain Authority: 27
Designed to educate families about healthy eating, natural health and home remedies while living simple, naturally
Domain Authority: 42
We Serve Society by Strengthening the Individual
Domain Authority: 70
promise I’ll even it out with the occasional healthy living tips!
Domain Authority: 26
Untrained Housewife empowers active parents who want to develop a more self-sufficient lifestyle.
Domain Authority: 46
Reveal the power and secrets to amazing fitness. Explore ideas and choose from a premium selection of weight loss products.
Domain Authority: 1
HowToShout is a blog for all geeks who want to find the tutorial, tips & tricks, guides, suggestions, reviews of apps for Windows, Android,
Domain Authority: 27
Hive Health Media’s goal is simply health promotion.
Domain Authority: 34
Our mission is to tell our own health stories and inspire African women to live out their healthiest and most fulfilled life.
Domain Authority: 33
Healthy Living London, an online diary of busy Londoners who are seeking different health & fitness goals and documenting their adventures,
Domain Authority: 33
Everything about a healthy body, connecting soul & science
Domain Authority: 88
We're making every effort to make Health Niche as your preferred and most trusted health information resource. With several doctors, medical
Domain Authority: 21
Social Media, Inspiration, Technology & Health Topics
Domain Authority: 38
Lifestyle Blog with Delicious Recipes, Crafts & DIY Projects, Tips for Moms and More Fabulous Trends.
Domain Authority: 50
Our mission is bring every fresh and precious day to the readers
Domain Authority: 34
Blog on the zero waste lifestyle
Domain Authority: 5
Wow face wash - safe, nature inspired & dermatologically tested for your safety
Domain Authority: 2
Healthy Doesn’t Mean Cutting Happiness From Your Life
Domain Authority: 52
Fearless Men is a growing community that strives to become better men.
Domain Authority: 34
It is an online web magazine portal which has multiple niches.
Domain Authority: 23
Fitness is not an activity that you can learn once and use it for a lifetime
Domain Authority: 14 is the best place for inspiring, educational, informative, funny, pithy, strange, bizarre, crazy, heartwarming and fun lists ab
Domain Authority: 48
Dumb Little Man is a popular online magazine on self-improvement and life hacks
Domain Authority: 62
The website My Healthcare India (MHI) established in 2014 having its headquarters at Bangalore.
Domain Authority: 26
Domain Authority: 37
Here at mindbodygreen, we believe in the fundamentals of science-based holistic well-being: Moving, eating clean, breathing, connection, and
Domain Authority: 88
Mookychick is a weekly online magazine and community for alternative women.
Domain Authority: 53
I created this website to help women find motivation, information, and helpful resources they need to change their mindset
Domain Authority: 23
We are a Canadian based team of passionate health experts who would love to share our knowledge with people interested in improving their he
Domain Authority: 56
Live for yourself by yourself.
Domain Authority: 15
Fitness is not a single event or diet that gets you to your goal weight, never having to be dealt with again. It’s a lifelong process that t
Domain Authority: 28
One stop destination for knowledge and positive vibes
Domain Authority: 17
Share our knowledge with people interested in improving their health.
Domain Authority: 53
Health & Wellness | Weight loss tips & motivation |Diet & Nutrition | Skin care | Body care | Beauty tips| Anti-aging |Essentials oils
Domain Authority: 15, a website dedicated to self improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self education.
Domain Authority: 64
Yoga Digest is a vibrant community of passionate change-makers. We inspire, educate and connect through a shared desire to create optimal h
Domain Authority: 39
Beauty Epic is dedicated to women. We provide all related information about women.
Domain Authority: 47
Flipping Heck is a blog dedicated to bringing you the latest productivity, self-improvement and motivational tips and tricks
Domain Authority: 34
We target the most up-to-date and trending information to share with our readers with a verity of topics
Domain Authority: 36
Relatively Interesting promotes science, reason, critical thinking, and the magic of reality. We point the skeptical eye at pseudoscience,
Domain Authority: 55
Quality information articles on healthy living subjects is dedicated to bringing you the greatest quality health information online.
Domain Authority: 31
Dulal Chandra Majumdar is a per time blogger from Kolkata, India. He writes about Weigh loss ,Beauty tips, Disease and Condition , Six pack
Domain Authority: 27
Day to day life updates
Domain Authority: 17
GuestCanPost is a platform which lets you divulge your hearts and minds in the field of Information Technology
Domain Authority: 11
Blogs related to everything
Domain Authority: 9
A lifestyle blog for 20 somethings, LeisureMartini packages great reads on topics like men and women fashion tips, travel tips, articles aro
Domain Authority: 36
Hello and welcome to Guidelines Health, your one-stop source for all of the information you need to live a much healthier, happier life
Domain Authority: 34
A blog about beauty, lifestyle, fashion, positivity and wellness.
Domain Authority: 26
where you can find your daily dose of wellness served in bite size portions.
Domain Authority: 32
For The First Timer can guide you to be in comfortable position before starting anything.
Domain Authority: 27
Get the trending knowledge
Domain Authority: 11 is a health-care blog with full of educative and qualitative information which deal with various health problem in our s
Domain Authority: 82
All About India its culture, tradition and general lifestyle.
Domain Authority: 20
Your daily dose of health & wellness inspiration including healthy recipes, nutrition tips, wellness guides
Domain Authority: 65
A health care professional can best guide you
Domain Authority: 48 was launched with the mission to educate each other and figure out a strategy to remain healthy within a limited budget.
Domain Authority: 38
The news engine us blog breaking new for every one.
Shared Your Story With World !!
The Healthy Moms Magazine is more than just a health and wellness site.
Domain Authority: 33
Aha!NOW is a multi-niche life blog that covers niches ranging from personal development to pets & animals.
Domain Authority: 43
Coral Lifestyle is an online lifestyle magazine celebrating of all things African.
Domain Authority: 18
Love writing about beauty, skin care, makeup, fashion, and fitness.
Domain Authority: 26
Canadian based team of passionate health experts who would love to share our knowledge with people interested in improving their health
Domain Authority: 53
Psychology Today is devoted exclusively to everybody's favorite subject: Ourselves.
Domain Authority: 92
TrendToFit is a fitness & wellness blog helping you stay fit despite a busy schedule.
Domain Authority: 16
We don’t just love looking good on the outside…we love feeling sexy and comfortable on the inside and we know you do too.
Domain Authority: 19

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StackTunnel provides up to date information on the stuff related to Technology, Softwares and Apps.
Domain Authority: 26
Wise Bread is a community of bloggers here to help you live large on a small budget
Domain Authority: 75
TechForge is an established, independent publishing company based in the centre of Bristol, UK.
Domain Authority: 24
The world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner® helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social med
Domain Authority: 80
Sauve Women Sauve Women is a women-centric platform that aims to showcase women’s stories from across the globe.
Domain Authority: 20