The Comprehensive Guide To Guest Posting

The Comprehensive Guide To Guest Posting

Guest posting is the practice of writing an article on somebody else’s blog/website.

The regular content that someone writes for their own blog is called a blog post. Many websites allow other bloggers to write a post for them too. This is called guest posting. In this case, the first website is the host and the writer is a guest. 

Guest posting is a two-way process that benefits both the host and the guest in various ways. 

What is Guest Posting in Seo?

Guest posting is one of the most significant tools used for SEO. For any online business, SEO is the factor that matters the most. A blogger has to look for all the factors that can help in moving the SEO rankings up on the lists. One of these factors is guest posting. 

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The importance of guest posting in SEO can be defined simply as a tool to increase your domain authority and SEO rating if you are successful in creating a high-quality guest post for a top-rated and legitimate website. 

What Are The Reasons For Writing A Guest Post?

As said earlier, guest posting is written, by keeping a number of reasons in mind. Below are some of the benefits of guest blogging or guest posting. 

1. Increasing Brand Awareness

None of the businesses can survive and flourish in the market without getting known to the public. Brand awareness is an important element in establishing a successful business. 

Many websites decide to guest post to increase their brand awareness. Through a guest post, they can present their brand to a completely new audience which can attract even more audience in the future

2. Stimulating Social Media Sharing

If you get a chance to guest post for a site that is involved in different social media activities and has a big social media following, this will give a boost to your guest post as well. 

The fan following coming to that host site will always be willing to share new and quality content which will help promote your brand or site. 

3. Increasing your authority on the subject

Guest posting is a common way used to increase authority on a specific topic and subject. When a blog successfully presents the idea of having knowledge on a particular subject, it fulfills Google’s demand of E-A-T, expertise, authority, and trust. Google demands E-A-T to provide the best experience to its users. 

4. Getting Backlinks for SEO

One of the important reasons for creating a guest post is to get backlinks for SEO ranking. When you write a guest post for another website, you provide external and internal linkings in the content. 

The internal linking is for the other articles within the host website while external linking is for other sites. You provide external links for your own blog and this will help you create backlinks for the SEO of your website. 

5. Getting Traffic For Your Blog

After providing external links in the guest post, you can expect people to land on your website through that guest post. That said, the number of people who click the link and visit your blog is only a tiny fraction.

6. Build Relationships In The Market

Bloggers write guest posts on websites of similar markets or products. When you start interacting with other bloggers in your niche, it helps in increasing your relationships with other bloggers. These good relationships will also help in creating your brand identity. 

Why Choose Relevant Sites to Guest Post?

Guest posting is mostly done for relevant sites within similar industries, markets, or products. 

The importance of choosing relevant sites to guest post is that you will have more chances of getting approval from the host site and the traffic landing on the host site will find relevance with your site as well.

Besides, Google places a higher value on backlinks from websites which are closely related to your niche.

How To Use Google Search For Finding Sites That Accept Guest Posts?

There are several ways to find sites accepting guest posts via Google search. Let’s discuss some really cool and working ideas. 

1. Search for Top Blogs

The first step to digging out the sites accepting guest posts through Google is the simplest. Write ‘TOP ABC Blog List’ and you will be provided with the list of top blogs of that specific topic or niche. Go through each site one by one and see which of them accept guest posts. It is obvious that most of them won’t be accepting guest posts but some will.

The method works well but consumes loads of time.

2. Follow Active Guest Bloggers

Another great way of searching for the sites that accept guest posts is to follow the individuals or companies that are active guest bloggers. These people or companies guest post on different social media sites and by following them, you can get the clue of the sites that accept guest posts. 

3. Advanced Search

This is the third and the most authentic means of finding such a website that will accept your guest blog. This is a tricky way that requires your creativity to play with words. It is simple and complex both at the same time. 

For this purpose, you have to write your ‘keyword’ in the search bar of Google search engine and then write a phrase that will look for a link to write something, like ‘write for us’. 

This type of advanced search will take you to sites that use similar keywords and also offer and accept guest posts for their sites. These sites might be a handful but it is an authentic source as they might be in search of active guest bloggers for their sites. 

Depending upon your creativity, there can be hundreds of options like:

  • “keyword” “write for us”
  • “keyword” “writing contributor”
  • “keyword” “contribute”
  • “guest author” “keyword”
  • ‘Keyword’ “guest post”
  • “keyword” guest bloggers
  • “keyword” ‘authors’
  • “guest post” “keyword”

Guest Posting Sites List 

The Ace Blogger provides an option to find opportunities for guest posts. Use the list below to find blogs that allow guest posts segregated by niche.

Self improvement blogs that accept guest posts

Personal finance blogs that accept guest posts

Money Making blogs that accept guest posts

Beauty & Fashion blogs that accept guest posts

Relationships & Parenting blogs that accept guest posts

Health & Fitness blogs that accept guest posts

Food & Beverages blogs that accept guest posts

Blogging & Digital Marketing blogs that accept guest posts

Technology blogs that accept guest posts

Travel blogs that accept guest posts

Home improvement blogs that accept guest posts

Beauty & Fashion that accept guest posts

Best Practices For Grabbing A Guest Opportunity

If you find a host site for a guest post, it is not a confirmation that you have got the opportunity. To grab this opportunity of guest posting, you have to follow the following points as well. 

1. Follow guest posting guidelines mentioned

Every site that accepts guest posting will have mentioned some guidelines for the sites looking for the opportunity of guest posting. You have to follow those guidelines to get eligible for guest posting. 

2. Email with a personalized pitch

Once you have followed all the mentioned guidelines, write an email to the host site, and clearly write about your intention with a personalized pitch. Do not use a common template which you blast off to every website. 

The email should cover all the significant aspects of the guest post that you intend. 

3. Introduce yourself uniquely

The host site will like to know about the contributor of a guest post for their site. Write a comprehensive passage in which you will introduce yourself as a special blogger. The content should depict how you stand out from other guest bloggers and why you are eligible to be granted this opportunity. 

4. Include samples of your writing

After a comprehensive and unique introduction, attach the samples of your writing so that the host site will have proof of what you have claimed in the email. 

5. Complement the blogger

Look through some of the latest articles on the blog and complement on an area that you like. Do not make up fake praises, but mention what you truly liked. A little appreciation goes a long way.

How To Contact A Blog To Guest Post?

Contacting a blog for guest posts is an important process. It is like you have to take permission from the blog to allow you for guest posting. For this matter, you have to write an email to the respective blog. 

In that email, you briefly talk about their blog for which you want to write a guest post. You praise their blog content, introduce yourself, and then show your intention to write a guest post for their blog. 

In some cases, your request is accepted and you get the opportunity of writing a guest post. But there are cases where the blog owners do not like guest posts and get irritated when they receive such emails, especially when they haven’t mentioned that they accept guest posts. Be prepared for such a response as well. 

How To Submit A Guest Post?

It might seem simple, but it isn’t that simple to submit a guest post. You have to keep a lot of things in mind before submitting a guest post. 

After the approval of guest posting from the host site, you write a comprehensive and informative guest post. Choose a descriptive subject line and then write good, engaging, and organized content. When you are done with writing, make sure to check the following things in your content. 

  • The content must be relevant and helpful for the host site, otherwise, you will never see it published. 
  • The format for the content should be correct and in accordance with the earlier content of the host site. 
  • Do not talk about yourself, your site, or your brand. The editor will not be interested in it. 
  • Do not forget to demonstrate respect for the editor’s time and the schedule he has made for you. This will work as a pitch content and the editor will be more likely to read the content and approve it.  
  • Provide internal links in your content for the site you are posting for. 
  • Do not forget to provide the external link of your site in the content if you want the traffic of a highly ranked site to land on your site too and increase its SEO. 
  • Select suitable words for Anchor text to get a good ranking. 

What is  Anchor Text?

When you provide a link in your guest post, some words or phrases are displayed by the hyperlinks. Anchor text is a clue for the search engines to know about the linked page and helps a site in ranking. 

Anchor text can include different forms of words and phrases. Like:

  • Use the full or partial URL of the page you want to rank. 
  • Use the brand name. 
  • Use a specific keyword that you want to rank for. 
  • Use the  partial keyword 
  • Use white noise words like click here, link, here, this, that, etc. 

Avoid using the same keyword for all the guest posts. This will offend Google and your originality and creativity will be compromised. Google will view your effort for link acquisition as manipulative. 

The easiest and safest way of choosing anchor words is to make sense in the context and build links that add  value to your content. 

Is Guest Blogging Good for SEO and Link Building in 2021?

For the several last years, there are rumors that guest posting or guest blogging is no more a tool that helps in improving the SEO of a website. People have been talking about the decline in the value of guest posting as an SEO strategy and excessively ask, “does guest posting still work?”

In the beginning, the site that got an opportunity to get a backlink from a top-rated site was considered fortunate and it was expected that the site will flourish. With the passage of time, guest posting became popular and common, fake bloggers and fake host sites started scamming. 

When Google’s Matt Cutts warned against the use of guest posts for google ranking, he meant that you should be careful in the use of guest posts and do not let guest posting get abused by the scammers.

But, guest posts are no longer help SEO if you do it in mass on all possible websites without considering relevance or website authority.

If you write quality content in a guest post, then guest blogging will be beneficial for SEO and link building in 2021 as well, like in the past years. 

Is Guest Posting Paid Or Free?

As per definition, guest posts should be free, but not everyone follows that. There are many sites that say ‘Guest Posting’, but when you contact them, they ask you to pay a fee. They use attractive phrases like ‘editorial fee’, ‘sponsored post’, or ‘native advertising’, but finally, it’s a paid post.

Paying for guest posts is not recommended because it is against Google’s policy. Google does not recommend paying to publish a guest post unless it is tagged as a sponsored post. If Google spots a host site for receiving payment, it results in adverse effects on your search results too. 

How Does Guest Posting Benefit The Host Site?

Guest posting is a win-win situation. It benefits the guest site and the host site.

The main advantage for the host site is that it gets free content in the form of a guest post for which they would have to pay content writers for or write it themselves. More reputable host sites are pickier in this regard. They only approve relevant, well written, engaging, and well-organized guest posts for their sites. 

New and more attractive content will likely attract more audience to the site and will help in ranking too. 

Important Attributes of a High-Quality Guest Post

The quality of a guest post is the foremost thing that the host site will consider. 

Here are some significant features of a high-quality guest post that should not be missing from any of your guest posts. 

Inbound Content

First of all, focus on the contant. The content of your guest post should be appealing, concise, engaging, and productive. The content of your guest post must be informative and prioritized to educate the readers, not to promote your brand, product, or site.  

Author Bio

Not detailed, but make a precise author bio a part of the guest post. Even if the host site changes or removes the links to your site, this bio will work as a permanent link to your site. 

Internal Links

Do some research for the host site and then provide internal links for their previous ranked posts. The host site will appreciate your effort done for this guest post. 

Call to Action

At the end of the guest post, including a call to action for leaving comments, suggestions, and sharing the guest post is very important.

Social Media Promotion

Apart from requesting the audience to share your guest post, you also need to promote your guest post through different social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, etc. This action will generate more traffic for the guest post and ultimately for your own blog. 

How To Check the Quality of a Host Site?

As soon as you decide to guest post for a site, you should start looking for a quality site. Remember that all the websites are not the same as they appear to be. 

There are a lot of guest posting sites that have expired domains or they are PBNs meaning Private Blog Networking. This networking is against Google’s guidelines.

Below are some techniques to check out the quality of a website for which you want to guest post. 

1. Moz Domain Authority

Moz has a chrome extension that gives out a domain authority score from 1-100 with 1 being the lowest and 100 the highest.

Aim to write guest posts for blogs that have a high DA. That said, the higher the DA, the more challenging it is to get your guest post published. At the least, pitch ideas to blogs that have a DA score that is at least 5 or more points above yours.

2. Website & History

You can check the quality of a website by checking its previous content. Good websites have quality articles published.

You can also check the quality of a website by checking its backlink history. You can do this by using an SEO tool like Ahrefs.

3. Traffic Intensity

When you are looking for a quality website for guest posting, do not forget to check its traffic. A high-quality website has a decent amount of traffic landing on its pages. The traffic landing on a quality website must be organic as well. 

You can check the approximate traffic of a website through tools like Ahref and SEMRush. These tools help you to compare the traffic change updated by Google’s algorithm. 

4. Search Engine Result Pages

A good and quality website should appear in the SERPs. It does not mean that the website appearing on the first page of a search page will be considered high-quality. The websites appearing in the first 50 websites ranked on their important keywords are also considered as sites of high-quality. 

5. Links Quality

A quality website should have a good link profile. You can check the links of a website if you have not checked it while considering the domain history. MOZ is a great tool that will help you check the domain authority. 

Final Thoughts

These were some basic elements and understandings about Guest Posts. If you want to boost the credibility of your brand, want to increase its SEO ranking, and to get new and organic audiences for your site, do follow the above-mentioned suggestions and tips. Guest posting is an easy and safe way for achieving such goals for your site. 

Do not be fooled by the scammers and do thorough research before entering into the world of guest posting. It will help you flourish without getting deceived.

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