Women-on-the-Road - Leyla
For women who have decided to see the world ON THEIR OWN
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Somewhere in my mid-forties, it hit me: my job was repetitive, my relationship was unsatisfactory, and I had a severe case of wanderlust. In fact I was in the middle of what turned out to be a mid-life crisis the size of a minor planet.

So I took off to see the world.

There was little travel guidance specifically aimed at women. We were just a page or two in the general guidebooks.

Things have changed - but there's still plenty of room for improvement.

Women travelers, especially those who travel solo, shouldn’t be seen as an exception, odd or different – we should be considered normal. No one questions how or why a man travels on his own, do they?

Women on the Road exists to help women with the nuts and bolts of solo travel: how to plan a trip, how to stay safe, what to take, how to budget, how to avoid getting lonely – all the things you face before, during, and after you travel.

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