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We are a Canadian based team of passionate health experts who would love to share our knowledge with people interested in improving their he
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We are a Canadian based team of passionate health experts who would love to share our knowledge with people interested in improving their health. The idea behind Well-BeingSecrets.com is very simple – to explain complex ideas in a simple to read and understand language. Each member of our writing team is an expert in his/her own field. In order to join our team, new members must have proper credentials and expertise. This includes proper education, certification, and experience.

Our Approach
There are a lot of websites that write about health and well-being, however, not all of them follow strict editorial guidelines. What makes Well-Being Secrets different is that all claims in our articles are triple checked for accuracy by editorial team and supported with links to research that support that particular claim. Accuracy of claims in our articles is the most important goal of our work. By having clearly defined and followed editorial guidelines we ensure that our readers have the best information at their disposal.

Our Goal
With so much information currently available online, it is sometimes impossible to know for sure if what you read is really true. This problem is one of the main reasons why Well-Being Secrets was created. The other issue that we are trying to address is complexity of real, evidence-based content that is available from official research organizations. If you’ve ever read an academic research paper, you’d know what we mean. If you read academic research journal, it is as fun as watching paint dry. Everything is written in dry, academic style that attorneys and doctors love so much. We want to transform this scientific language and data into easy to understand English.

Our goal is to produce content that fits following criteria:

Evidence based
Unbiased and balanced
Easy to understand and digest

Our Writers and Contributors
Helen Nichols – Nutrition/Certified Holistic Expert
Growing up in Woodbridge, Ontario, Helen has always been interested in healthy living. After graduating high school she worked as personal trainer for 3 years. After realizing her passion for natural healing, she started studying Natural Nutrition Program in The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. After finishing it with perfect 4.0 GPA, Helen has been working in various naturopathic wellness centers for 6 years. In 2011 she received her Advanced Holistic Nutrition Certificate from The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Being a book worm, Helen loved reading everything related to natural remedies and nutrition on the internet. Unfortunately not all information available online was correct and/or written in clear to understand language. This is why she decided to start writing her own blog.

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