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About Urban Naturale
*We are a healthy, green/eco-friendly, organic, vegan, fit, DIY & natural living site. We also cover natural beauty, essential oils, eco-friendly fashion, culture and travel.
*We are committed to providing helpful, useful well-written, actionable posts for our readers, so guest posts must serve their needs.
*Healthy plant-based recipe posts are welcome. We are a vegan site so recipes should not include dairy, eggs, meat or fish.
*We prefer to focus on alternative and holistic treatments, natural remedies, diet and lifestyle change and preventive health as opposed to conventional drugs and surgery.
Key Areas of Interest for Blog Posts – healthy lifestyle issues, healthy living, health and wellness, alternative and holistic health, natural healing, and natural remedies, disease prevention, vegan/plant-based recipes and nutrition, fitness, natural and organic beauty, DIY natural beauty, essential oils, herbs, living green, energy-efficiency, eco-friendly home maintenance and home decor, eco-friendly and organic fashion, gardening, zero-waste living, plastic-free living, etc.

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