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To be honest, for most women, talking money is no fun.

If you go to any bookstore, you’ll find that the majority of personal finance and investing books are written by men. Investing advice is rarely tailored for women. Not often do you hear of women going into the field of accounting or finance. Young girls aren’t being taught how to manage money or save for their future.

Let’s change that.

At ThirtyEight Investing, we analyze the main ideas, terminology, and methods from top authors and speakers, and translate the information into simplified articles with real examples. Never has it been easier to get all the foundational money and investing concepts you need, with tailored book recommendations based on your level of background and experience.

There is no reason any woman should go through her life without understanding how money works and how she can make it work for her.

We hope ThirtyEight Investing will provide you the motivation and resources to help you better understand money, with the goal of investing and building the life you’ve always wanted!

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