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Being inspired by the book, Principles by Ray Dalio, I decided to start a collection of writings to crystallize the lessons I’ve gained
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We started this blog because we wanted to generate discussion about what we believe are three very important areas. These areas are often neglected by well meaning parents and overworked school systems when they attempt to equip children to live, work, and adapt to the outside world. The principles and ideas surrounding can be learned by anyone at any stage of life. What are they?

Personal financial management.
Achieving and maintaining a great relationship with your spouse and children.
How to succeed in your occupation, whether as an employee or an entrepreneur.

We have a small amount of knowledge and experience in these three areas, but so much of wisdom is knowing what NOT to do. We can personally contribute to that body of knowledge to be sure.

We believe it is NEVER too late to learn and we hope to learn a great deal from the readers and subscribers to this blog. We also hope you can pick up an idea or two that will help you live a better, more productive, more fulfilling life. After all, the greatest Book ever written says There is wisdom in a multitude of counselors.

Were all quite conservative on many financial issues, but surprisingly liberal in our views on other issues.

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