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We created the blog to talk about all things that have to do with self-improvement and self-growth.
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Just in case you want to know about us. Here it is. But before we get started know that you are a part of “us.” Without you, there would be no blog.

We created the blog to talk about all things that have to do with self-improvement and self-growth. In 2007 there were few blogs about self-growth, and we thought it was a topic that needed discussion. We don’t claim to “have it together” and believe we are each a work in progress.

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One of the urging factors is that all real change comes from within, but many of us don’t know where to find the information or guidance we need to make the changes that bring about the improvement. And most of us don’t know how to work “within.”

So Here’s About Us
Hi! I’m Irene, and I’m serious about helping you find the tools you need to achieve your self-improvement goals and begin to experience the happiness you desire. I talk about us. And, as I said, us means you and me.

Fountain in Fountain Hills, AZ for St. Patrick’s Day
I live in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The picture on the left is of Fountain Park. The photographer is Jack Harwick, who loves the town and Fountain Park as much as I do. The fountain water was green that day because it was St. Patrick’s Day. Our town does things like that all year long.

A masters degree in nursing and a doctoral degree in metaphysics are in my educational background. Teaching was my favorite “gig,” and I taught nursing at ASU. After that, I served as Administrator of Nursing at a major Phoenix hospital, and as Assistant Director for the Arizona Department of Health Services. Also, I am a certified hypnotherapist and had a therapy practice, The PowerZone, for twelve years. Becoming a radio show host in 2010, I hosted The Self Improvement Show for seven years on VoiceAmerica’s Empowerment Channel every Thursday. I’m not as old as Methuselah but I’m getting close.

about us
Two sons Chris and Kevin, and four grandsons—Kyle, Aaron, Jack, and Jake— bring me great joy and light up my life. And a dog named Smarty owns me even though he’s the one who is on the leash. He makes me laugh and requires that I exercise by taking him on long walks at the fountain or the dog park. Life is good for all of us.

Why the Blog?
We live in a stressful world. It seems we rush everywhere—to work, the store, home, and appointments. We rush to get our kids to soccer practice, ballet, gymnastics, school or the mall. Most of us are reachable 24/7 by email or cell phone so there’s no way we can “get away.” We stretch ourselves to the max and wonder why we can’t sleep, can’t think, and can’t relax. Some self-medicate with drugs, alcohol, TV, the Internet, and sex to have an outlet or deal with the stress. Others rage. Many over-exercise. Some go out and shoot other people.

We are each looking for happiness
In this frenetic activity, there is one constant—we are each looking for happiness. Ask the addict, the thief, the anorexic, the debutante, the CEO, the mailroom clerk or the person you meet on the street or the grocery store. If you ask them what they want—bottom line— they say they want to be happy.

And two questions arise:

What good is any self-improvement effort if it makes you even more miserable?
If you are happy now, how much self-improvement do you need?
So my question is—What do YOU want to change? How do YOU want to improve? What does happiness look and feel like to you?

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