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Blogs are everywhere these days!

So why this one? Well, I needed a place to scribble things down, that I wanted to share with the world – and I have some personal goals for this blog as well!

Hi, my name is Klaus and welcome to my tech blog, launched in the Summer of 2009. I’ve been doing web stuff since 1998, obviously I started out on a very low level, making my first personal website using Microsoft Frontpage (!) in July 1998. As the years went by, I started doing some more HTML “coding” using Notepad similar programs and later I learned ASP. At first I was just using Access “database”, but switched over to MySQL in 2003. JavaScript, CSS and some other things were added to my knowledge later on.

Unfortunately, I’m still using ASP to this day, as I simply do not have the time to wrap my head around learning a new language. If I do, I would probably start using PHP. Problem is, most of my time I spend maintaining and developing an ASP site, that will not easily convert into PHP, leaving me no choice but to stick with ASP for now.

So, what’s going to happen here? Well, being the Apple user I am (Mac, iPhone, Apple TV etc.), much of the content on this blog will probably be Apple related. I’m also a web developer, so you might also find tech & SEO related articles/links on here.

My goals with TechPatio is to run a decent and respectable blog where people will feel at ease, at home – like on their own patio 😉 I will do my very best to write articles that most tech interested people will find interesting and hopefully educational. You will find some ads throughout my site, as well as affiliate links here and there. That’s not because I need to make a living of this blog, but it’s one of my challenges to see what kind of money can be made by providing good quality content and having a solid reader base.

TechPatio is a combination of two things that I really like: Technology, such as tech gadgets, technologies, computers, Internet etc., and patio which is a place I enjoy relaxing – even sometimes with a piece of tech…

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