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TechForge is an established, independent publishing company based in the centre of Bristol, UK.
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TechForge is an established, independent publishing company based in the centre of Bristol, UK. We publish high value thought-leadership content on our digital portfolio of technology news sites and share these articles across our social channels, which have a combined following of over three million technology industry professionals. Our full portfolio is available to view here.Although a relatively small team, we are highly experienced and proficient at working across many disciplines providing a pragmatic and creative approach to the challenges that technology marketers face. Our clients range from small start-up businesses to multinational companies.Our services include online brand building, lead generation, banner advertising, content marketing, whitepaper creation, e-mail marketing and much more.From decision makers in marketing to developers and telecoms professionals, our global community is guaranteed to provide a solution for your company’s needs. We can tailor targeted lead generation, integrated advertising, content marketing and mail-out campaigns to suit all requirements. Our audience includes:

∙ Marketing professionals∙ Senior IT decision makers∙ Developers∙ Enterprise mobility experts∙ Wearable technology and connected car specialists
Let us help you achieve your marketing goals.

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