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Sonicbids is the leading career platform for musicians. Over 25,000 music industry professionals search Sonicbids each day looking for artists to book for opportunities including live shows, licensing opportunities, press features, and more. Just by signing up and creating a free EPK, your band will be featured in those search results. You can message and network with promoters and other bands, apply to play gigs, and more – all right on Through our exclusive partnerships, thousands of Sonicbids members have been given the opportunity to play legendary festivals and venues around the world, have their music placed in major TV shows and commercials, and so much more.

The Sonicbids blog is a free resource we’ve created that’s dedicated to helping independent musicians take their careers to the next level. Our expert contributors provide crucial insight on the ins and outs of today’s music business, honing your craft, and tried-and-true strategies for success. With hundreds of thousands of readers every month, the Sonicbids blog has proven to be an essential resource for independent musicians. Between reading the Sonicbids blog and signing up for a free account on, you'll have everything you need to move your music career forward!

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