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I created this website to help women find motivation, information, and helpful resources they need to change their mindset
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If you want to change, the most important thing is that spark, the decision to stop settling with what makes you unhappy. Sometimes it’s enough to just really want to change.

But once you have it, you need to start gathering knowledge, broadening up your view and start acting. If you need a little push to do that, get something that can help you start today. Here are a few fast, actionable solutions that I can give you right now:

1. TO STOP GOING DOWN and START GOING UP – go to my Blog and start reading! I share a ton of useful information every week and most of it are concentrated, actionable ideas that can help you do something small to improve yourself every day. At this moment, you can read about personal development, mental health, planning, organization, beauty improvement, health, self care and self confidence topics on the Blog.

2. TO PLAN & ORGANIZE YOUR LIFE – start with something simple, like planning your month (here’s a beautiful, FREE printable I created for you!) or organizing your closet. Set up your first planner – you can check out my Planning printable Super Pack a lot of beautiful, minimalistic planners ready made for you to use. Or, if you’re ready to do a bigger life makeover, grab the Ultimate Printable Super Pack – it has every single tool from ShineSheets and you’ll get 320+ pages for planning, self care, anxiety, mindset, goals and self discovery!

3. TO HEAL YOUR MINDSET – start reading self help books every day and try journaling. Become obsessed with self care because you probably don’t take enough of it. If you can, start meditating every day (you can look for guided meditations on Youtube to get started!).

Even if you choose to do nothing, know that you can always start whenever you want to.

Whatever you do, just never settle with being unhappy. A lot of things can be changed and the only way out of the dump is to climb up.

So gather your strength, pretty. Use it. FIGHT BACK.

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