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Sew Daily is your one-stop for all things sewing
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Sew Daily is your one-stop for all things sewing. The Sew Daily community is unique in that offers not only traditional expert instruction, and sewing techniques, but also fresh and modern patterns, up and coming sewing stars, projects and trends. No matter what your skill level, the Sew Daily Community has what you need. If you’re looking for a place to learn how to sew, challenge yourself with a new technique or try something completely different we’ll fit you to a T.

Living under the Sew Daily is now Sew News, Creative Machine Embroidery and Sew It All. With each of our exciting titles we bring you into the world of sewing, textiles, machine embroidery, home décor trends and fashion all under one roof. And, all of it delivered they way you want it: online, digital, video and print.

The contributors and editors of Sew News, Creative Machine Embroidery and Sew It All are a passionate group of sewists. We live and breathe sewing in all its wonderful forms and there is nothing we’d rather do than spread the word about how awesome sewing is and help you become better at it.

Meet our amazing staff that keeps all of this humming along.

Sew News For more than 35 years, Sew News has specialized in presenting sewing ideas, inspirations and techniques to our readers and fans. We’re devoted to filling each issue of our magazine with fun features, from garment construction to quick-to-make gifts to home dec how-tos to current creative trends.

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