Reach Financial Independence - Pauline Paquin
I want to show you that even with a small amount of money and you can live your dreams fully
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I’m Pauline, born and raised in Paris. I have since then graduated debt-free, gone on a 1 year around-the-world trip, lived in Guatemala, Spain, the UK and Morocco, gone on two 6 months motorcycle trips, and have been itching for adventure all my life.

During all these years, I have worked hard for the man, until I set off to see the world and live my life on my terms. In January 2010, I quit my last full-time job to start freelancing. I write for a few money and travel blogs, do translation jobs here and there, and try to allocate my money smartly, to produce passive income. I used to hold two properties, and sold one of them to buy a fixer-upper in Guatemala, that is now a guest house.

I want to show you that even with a small amount of money, you can live your dreams fully and make deliberate decisions to reach financial independence, freedom from work, the office and anything that is holding you back.

I am not a financial adviser either, all content is for informational purpose only!

What this site is about:
Earning more
Saving more
Investing more
Living more
Reaching whatever goals you set to achieve

What this site is NOT about:
Extreme frugality
Compromising your values and well-being for the sake of saving a few pennies
Giving you a one size fits all solution. Money is personal, and what your want to do with it as well. You may want to become a stay-at-home parent, work less hours to start a side hustle, travel the world… all is fine, it all requires dedication and persistence.

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