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Postcards from the World is about living abroad and travelling. It will give tips and ideas where to go, what to do.
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My name is Anna and I am from Poland . After finishing high school I moved to bonnie Scotland, where I got my psychology and psychotherapy degree. I knew that traveling needs to be a big part of my life, I also knew that I want to study, learn new languages and discover other cultures. While working hard to get my degree in Scotland and having 3 different jobs, I managed to save up for my short and long travels. I started from going away in Europe for long weekend gateways to recharge the batteries while planning bigger escapes. I organized my work and university assignments the way that would allow me to take a week or two off and travel every few weeks. While my colleagues were going out at weekends, I was working or going away.

One summer my wanderlust took me for a conservatory volunteering program in Tobago to ‘look after’ sea turtles. Unlike the other volunteers, I went there privately on my own and not as a part of an organized group. I stayed with locals, I ate with locals and discovered the island with no rush. This exceptional experience left me with even bigger itch in my feet.

After a few good years of enjoying Scottish weather (and jumping on a plane to other sides of the globe to catch some sunbeams) and after enjoying haggis, nips and tatties, I moved to Spain, then Chile. Soon , I guess, I will move to another country, learn another language, get more professional experience and fall in love with more places. I strongly believe that traveling, studying and working at the same time is possible. I did that for 9 years. How? I figured out my priorities and what makes me happy…then I worked to make them happen. Now I can travel even more having finished my university education…for now.

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