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In the mid 1990’s, Stoney deGeyter was a young man who had yet to find his calling.
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In the mid 1990’s, Stoney deGeyter was a young man who had yet to find his calling. He spent his early years after college working a job until he had learned all he could, then moving on to the next. Never satisfied with how other people did things, it soon became apparent that Stoney was destined to follow in his parents entrepreneurial footsteps.

The entrepreneurial bug officially kicked in thanks to a book called “Learn HTML in 24 hours.” In Stoney’s case, it was more like 12. He used what he learned to build a new website (frames and all) for his father’s company. Pleased with the results, his father later came back to Stoney talking about this new thing called “search engine optimization” and asked Stoney if he could figure out how to use it to increase the company’s internet visibility.

And in 1998 Stoney founded what would become Pole Position Marketing, a nationally recognized digital marketing agency. As he loves to say, the company started in his bedroom and quickly expanded to the living room. “Home” is now a souped up garage just outside of Canton, OH. C’mon, where else would you expect a company called Pole Position to set up shop?

All Grown Up
From our humble beginnings in Stoney’s bedroom, we’ve grown into one of the nation’s leading digital marketing agencies, specializing in organic SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, website design and development, content marketing, social media consulting, web analytics and more.

We say “digital marketing” because that’s what most people call it, but we prefer to say we do web presence optimization. We focus on making sure your company has a consistent and engaging message across the entire internet, not just on your own website and in the search engines. Or put another way, we care less about getting you the top search engine rankings and X number of website visitors and instead focus on the ultimate reward: Business growth.

We serve B2B and B2C companies of all sizes and in a wide variety of industries, including retail, travel, health care, manufacturing, and higher education.

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The Pit Crew
We believe that digital marketing is just too big for one person to know it all at an expert level. That’s why Pole Position Marketing relies on a team of experts, each with a deep understanding of their own area of digital marketing: Social, content, analytics, SEO, PPC, conversions, etc.

While there is a great deal of overlap between each of these areas, having experts in each discipline allows PPM to create an effective—and complete—approach to all of their clients’ web marketing campaigns. Jack of all trades, master of none? Not in this house!

The Pit Crew enjoys a flexible work schedule that allows them to work from home most days. But when they are together, they enjoy brainstorming how to make their clients more successful, discussing their favorite TV shows, and occasionally engaging in a competitive round of Pictionary.

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