One Cent At A Time - Sudipto Basu
I do believe financial success takes its own time, it’s not an overnight phenomenon.
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This blog is my entrepreneurial venture, no doubt, but I have a passion for finance and investing anyway, frugality attracts me. Finance, saving, investments are what I live in. I breathe finance. I am the stock adviser to my colleagues. I am the go-to-guy for people with financial questions at my work.

I do believe financial success takes its own time, it’s not an overnight phenomenon. That is why I named this blog – One Cent At A Time.

On financial matters I am very methodical, I meticulously keep a count of each dollar spent and each dollar earned. If finance is my hobby and my most interesting subject, the writing was never my forte. Languages were ones I hated most in school, moreover English was my 3rd language of choice.

A poor writing skill is what prevented me from starting a blog earlier in 2005/2006 when just about every blog producing regular updates became mega blogs.

The passion for finance, willingness to share my opinion in public, an urge to have a name in public and a wish to become an owner of a successful business, are the main driving factors towards starting this blog.

Why should you read this blog? I do not have a shortcut answer, it is true that the information I give you is not exceptional, except a few. You can certainly find ways to save money in your day-to-day life elsewhere. You can read professionally written investor newsletters for your investment needs. There is plenty of material to increase your productivity that is on the internet.

Moreover, I do not disclose my actual income or expenses on this blog, I’ll never reveal my blog earnings either. So, I couldn’t find a compelling reason for you to stick to my blog.

At most what I can say is, there is a little difference in my approach to blogging (so does everyone else). Like the way every human being is unique, my approach to personal finance is also equally unique.

I not only talk about money but also talk about overall improvement in one’s life. I write about improving social life, I talk about spending money on things I cherish. I talk about cleaning inner self and enjoying each moment of our lives. I write about becoming happier and enjoying life and everything it has to offer.

Blogging helps me gain knowledge, I learn new things with each post I publish. I am not a master of the topics I write on this blog, rather, it’s for my own learning as well that I write.

I will keep on adding more information on this page. Thanks for your time, would appreciate if you write a comment stating how you feel about my blog.

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