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MPFJ is a personal finance blog dedicated to exploring topics such as investing tips, ways to save money for college and retirement
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A good question you are probably asking yourself right now is, “What makes this blog different from the other personal finance resources out there, and why should I read it?”The most appropriate answer to this is also the easiest: since I am not being paid by a publicly traded company according to what I write, my advice can remain objective. Additionally, the techniques I talk about center on my mantra that effective personal finance should not be hard. For more information, read below.

My goals/reasons for starting this blog are as follows:

Unraveling some of the myths around investing and personal finance that are ever-present in today’s society (Example – the myth that investing in common stocks can consistently beat the stock market).
Share ways for how to live frugally, save money, and even make money on the side in their free time.
Provide an interactive forum and resource that people can use to get help on whatever financial topic is necessary to help them reach their financial dreams!
And lastly, I enjoy writing and sharing what I know about finance in order to help others. This also provides motivation for me to keep my financial knowledge fresh and learn new things!

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