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Our lives crossed paths over 20 years ago, and brought us, from Brazil to NYC, through a lot of experiences and with a lot of love, to this point in our lives. We are parents now. We waited for the right moment, and it just never came, so we decided to throw caution to the wind and open ourselves to the possibility of having a little person enter this relationship we had so tenderly shared together as a couple.

The challenges have been many. Our choice to alternate our time with her so that we have a lot of family time has hit our finances pretty hard, many of our interests ( particularly mommy’s martial arts, Taiko drumming, Japanese and Tibetan language classes and endless activities) have been more neglected than they should have been, and we are both tired and at times stressed, but it’s all as it should be. We are learning from the challenges, working on the finances, attempting to focus back on some of the activities, now that she is old enough to be involved in some fun ways, and confident that we will eventually get a few good nights of sleep.

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