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At the time of starting this blog I am an unemployed 31 year old website marketer. Although I don’t have an actual job right now, I am making enough money from my own websites to get by. You gotta love a career path that allows you be your own boss if you lose your job.

Since I’ve been working over 10 years as an IT professional, you’d think I would be doing very well financially. I have made decent money, enough to keep me happy with a nice car, big screen tv and other luxuries. I can’t say I’ve always managed my money very well though. I think when you start a career with early promise, it’s natural to assume that money will just keep increasing.

Unfortunately mostly due to lack of self discipline and some mental challenges, I’ve gone through ups and downs. I realize if I had worked harder or made better financial decisions, I would be much better off at this point. I can’t change the past though. I can only work at improving things in the future.

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