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MAM is a safe space where mothers gather, share information, and think together. We believe in moms. We know that they do what is best for their families, because they are the ones who do the research, make the choices, and who simply care the most about many of these areas. (Of course, dads are welcome too!)

Moms, especially those who make alternative choices, are really in a unique position right now. Our society isn’t kind to people who step outside the boundaries of “normal.” And moms often feel like what they’re doing isn’t quite right, but that they don’t have access to the information and support that they need to do what they do feel is right.

We want to be that haven. We want to be that source of alternative information. We want to be a place where moms can discuss different choices and find a judgment-free zone. We’re all on a journey, and all of our choices and lives look a little bit different. Our goal is to empower moms with information and support; whatever they choose is something we support.

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