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Initially it was started to share my thoughts, frames and experiences as an inspiration for people to experience the beautiful India. So far, it has been quite a journey!

1. Life is too short, live it, get out of your comfort zone and travel the globe. Meet the awesome people who make our planet such an amazing place to live.

2. You don’t need to quit your corporate job and family to go around the world and be a globetrotter. Get out of your sofa on the weekends, check out a few unexplored places around your town. Go to at least once a year to a place you have never been before. From the last 2 years, I am following this practice of going to unexplored and less traveled places in India.

3. Let’s be a traveler and not a Tourist. Unlike a tourist, a traveler is someone who wants to experience another culture and other less authentic and luxurious experience. To embrace the traveler in you, focus on the culture of the country or city you’re visiting and connect with locals for advice and new friendships. Let’s! be spontaneous! You never know what might be waiting for you!

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