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My name is Hanish Kumar. I live in a village Nangal Kalan district Mansa, Punjab in the country India. I am a working professional in a UK German pharmaceuticals. The UK German Pharmaceuticals is a pharma company based on Electro- homoeopathy and ayurvedic medicines founded by my maternal grandfather Bhim sain kansal. While working at my company, Electropathy medicines are very popular in the treatment of human, but by seeing the scope of electropathy medicines in animals, Dr Bhim sain kansal started their research in 1991. And they invented some medications for animals in 2001. From 2001, There drugs become more and more popular in customers. U.K. German pharmaceuticals now occupy the first position in electropathy products and only producers of electropathy products for animals in the world.

Why I (Hanish Kumar) started this blog??
While working at my company, I (Hanish Kumar) thought to share the experience of our practice and many of practitioner working with us, with the public. In each of my blog post, there is no promotional/ reference to UK German Pharmaceuticals because I am here only discuss my experience, not promote any of our products. There are thousands of a contributor to this blog which by one mean or other means write various blog posts for me. All the peoples who are working to write articles are industry-leading experts in healthcare with a proper degree course in the relevant field. Our main aim is the aware peoples about various medicinal plants and its benefits for their health and also share some of the new technology that comes into the medical science field. Through this blog, my mission is to conduct in-depth research that leads to new ideas for solving problems facing society at the local, national and global level.

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