Fearless Men
Fearless Men is a growing community that strives to become better men.
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A blog for those interested in Manly topics that haven’t bought into today’s status quo for men. Macho-sized, overtly sexualized, brash and brazen manhood is on the defining forefront of men’s magazines and websites. Sure, a man can be strong, buff and bold, but does he take responsibility and live with the consequences? Is he standing out and stepping up in today’s world?

Co-authored by John and Todd, who recently emerged from their twenties and want to share their ideas and experiences for all to read and engage in.

Why Fearless Men?
Fearless Men are not afraid to take on responsibility. They aren’t controlled by fear of failure, fear of disappointment, fear of not being accepted. Fear that renders us ineffective. Fear is an emotion that can overcome us if we let it.

Fearless Men is a growing community that strives to become better men. We don’t let fear drive us into weak commitment or flimsy choices. At the core of our values we strive to face and move past fear with Humility, Courage, Integrity, Wisdom, Sacrifice, Honor and taking Responsibility.

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