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Our core focus has been promoting experiential travel
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Hi! I’m Dave, founder of Dave’s Travel Corner. Over the past 20+ years our core focus has been promoting experiential travel; our readers are actively interested in a wide range of travel & lifestyle experiences across a variety of budgets. I began Dave’s Travel Corner in late 1996 as a result of of a life-changing trip to Nepal in which I trekked near Everest Base Camp. I began writing a journal while I was on the trip and it was the notes from this journal that became the foundation for Dave’s Travel Corner.

While one might assume I would have been completely turned off by travel after becoming deathly ill and needing to be carried down a mountain all day on a woman’s back to a lower elevation (due to severe weakness and complete inability to walk), this trip had the opposite effect. It was my first trip to a part of the world that wasn’t western centric and my eyes were opened by authentic experiences, culture, food and the massiveness and sheer beauty of the world’s greatest mountains. I wanted more of this in a big way. The site helped combine my new found interest in travel & adventure, a long time love of writing and photography as well as my interest at that time in the fledgling Internet world.

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