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CraftGossip relies on its bunch of dedicated editors to bring you the latest in craft gossip.
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CraftGossip relies on its bunch of dedicated editors to bring you the latest in craft gossip. Each sub-blog has its own editor so that you know that you are getting the best information possible. This page tells you a little about each editor so that you can know the faces behind the gossip!

Sarah E. White comes from a long line of crafters, back to the time before they called it craft and it was just what people did to get by. Her mother and grandmother taught her the rudiments of knitting, sewing, cross stitch, baking and canning, and she’s since built up her knitting skills (less so the other ones) and taught herself to crochet. She’s the Guide to Knitting for ( and blogs about crafting with kids and crafting for kids at, where she’s on a quest to find the perfect recipe for homemade playdough. She lives in Fayetteville, Arkansas, with her husband and daughter, who is the beneficiary of much crafty goodness and always asks “is that for me?” when she sees crafting going on. Their house is full of yarn, fabric, beads and, now that she’s getting into art journaling, an increasing supply of paper, stamps and embellishments.

Sarah is the author of Picture Yourself Felting Your Knitting and has a second book, all about knitting for babies, due out in 2013.

Quilting Editor: Scarlett Burroughs (

selfieScarlett_softenedI’ve dabbled in many a hobby over the years, but one has remained freakishly consistent – quilting. I was drawn to it by the usual things, there’s a beauty and comfort you can touch. When my sister was a child, she used to love resting under one of our grandmother’s scrap quilts. She would pass the time admiring each patch when she didn’t feel well enough for any other activity.

But there is more to it. Creating quilts provides me an artistic outlet like no other. The process and end result are equally rewarding. I’m so crazy about it, I teach it to anyone who wants to learn. I especially enjoy collaborative projects that evolve as participants contribute. It demonstrates a situation where differences are valued and ways are found to unify the parts as a better whole.

Tuesday is quilt night at my house. I live in the American Southeast which is known for it’s stormy weather. One Tuesday evening alarms started going off meaning a tornado was on the ground. We all gathered in my tiny kitchen to wait it out. We had been there for only a few minutes when one of the women said, “I’ll be right back”. We asked, “Where are you going?” She said, “I’m going to get my quilt.” “I’ve put too much time in it for it to blow away in this storm.” If you understand her sentiment you belong in my club. If not, you will if you hang out with me long enough. Do join me in exploring the many faces of quilting.

Edible Crafts Editor:

Glass Art Editor: Cathi Milligan (


One of Cathi super powers is her ability to create tasty treats out of glass and fire. With over 15 years of experience, she forms hot glass into little cupcakes and pie slices, sweet little fruits as well as other types of glass beads. In addition to these talents she designs jewelry, fuses glass and has recently finished a how-to book on the craft of macramé.

Besides Cathi’s new book, Mod Knots, she has written for Craft magazine and her work has been seen in In Style magazine, Glass, Bead & Button as well as some Japanese fashion magazines. She has also appeared on the DIY Network’s shows, DIY Jewelry Making and Craft Lab. She has also been seen on TLC and Lifetime demonstrating her crafting abilities.

Cathi is a lifelong resident of Los Angeles, CA. and teaches a number of classes in bead making, metal clay, macramé and other jewelry making techniques through out the Southern California area. Cathi also has a background in graphic arts, which manages to spill over into all aspects of her life. She sells her beads and jewelry on line, which can be seen on her website or go directly to She also blogs at with information on her upcoming classes and other interesting events.

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