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Onboarding of the developer to Codersera platform is quite intense.
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Onboarding of the developer to Codersera platform is quite intense. The developer goes through a thorough filtering process which includes the following steps:
Firstly the candidate applies on the portal [] then...
1.Resume Filtering
The resume goes through the filtering process on various parameters. [only 25% people clear this.]
2.Video Interview
Then the candidate goes through personality review round on the video interview platform, and is evaluated on communication skills and personality. [only 10% people clear this.]
3.Coding Test
Then the candidate is sent the online coding questions, that the candidate is supposed to solve being online and is given 90 minutes to do so. This tests the coding skills and the problem solving and analytical skills. [only 4% people clear this.]
4.Live screening
This is similar to the previous round, except in this a live Codersera expert is there to judge and assist you while you are solving the problem. [Only 2% people clear this.]
5.Test project
The candidate is sent a project, quite similar to the real life projects which the candidate is supposed to finish in 1-2 weeks. This generally requires the candidate to build a full stack application similar to real time client requirements. [Less than 1% candidates clear this.]
6.Continued excellence
Afterwards also the candidates are evaluated continuously for their expertise.

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