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I’m a travel blogger and online influencer wanting to explore the world one adventure at a time. Anywhere you can think of – it’s on my list!

I love travelling and exploring different places and experiencing different cultures, trying new things and having amazing adventures. My first holiday was to Crete, aged 1 and I’ve had the travel bug ever since. I’ve visited 15 countries so far and I’m adding to that with at least one new one every year. I’m a complete beach bum so whenever possible, you’ll find me near (or in!) the sea.

On my worldwide bucket list are: LA, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Peru, Vietnam and Venice, and my favourite city of all time is London – it’s ace! I’ve also recently fallen for the UK seaside scene with Cornwall being my fave but now Salcombe, Norfolk and Swanage are on my GB bucket list – and I believe you can have just as much fun travelling in the UK as going abroad.

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