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We work hard to match our acts of courtesy to your unique preferences.
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Small courtesies — holding the door for you, paying for dinner, sending you a handwritten thank you note, or hailing your cab — are just the beginning of our chivalrous repertoire. We work hard to match our acts of courtesy to your unique preferences; it’s a sign of our respect and interest in you — whether romantic, professional or casual, woman or man. It’s hard work and takes practice, but it’s so rewarding.

As hard as we try at learning how to be chivalrous, we don’t always get it right. We’re human, too. Folks feel prejudiced because of aberrant men behaving badly. Let me state this for the record: sleazy pickup artists and true modern gentlemen are entirely OPPOSITE types of men. Thanks to feminism, those manipulative guys are a bit easier to spot. And true gentlemen thank feminism for better information about what women want.

ChivMen welcomes you to be CHIVALROUS

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