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BizzVenue was founded in late 2014, yet the concept had been in planning stages for quite some time.
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BizzVenue was founded in late 2014, yet the concept had been in planning stages for quite some time. A significant amount of thought has gone into the content that we provide. Our goal is to reach out and inspire entrepreneurs across the globe. Unfortunately though, getting hyped up and excited about an idea isn’t enough. Execution is key. A mediocre idea that is executed perfectly is far better than a perfect idea that stays on the shelf.

You see, being inspired and wanting to be a successful entrepreneur doesn’t make you an entrepreneur. It makes you what we like to call, a “want-repreneur”. In order to be a proper entrepreneur you have to actually do something.

The real life wolf of wall street (Jordan Belfort) summed it up best,

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Step in BizzVenue:

BizzVenue strives to offer real world information, tips and advice that you can actually put to use. We attempt to cover everything, from the initial stages in which we attempt to inspire up to the more advanced stages that require getting into the more technical side of things. Be it the tech aspect, law aspect, etc.

Thus, we aim to inspire and inform in a way that will actually help you attain authentic and powerful results. We cover a vast number of topics, all of which are essential for any entrepreneur or businessman/woman.

Your biggest obstacle is yourself, stop with the excuses and start working on your business, and hopefully BizzVenue will be able to offer valuable information and knowledge on your exciting venture.

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