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This blog came about through conversation that took place back in the summer of 2008
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The origin (for those of you who like to know that sort of thing)…
This blog came about through conversation that took place back in the summer of 2008: Women chatting whilst working and not talking about kids, cooking or cosmetics but business.

sarah arrowSarah Arrow is a successful digital marketing consultant, building a loyal following first as an individual and then successfully raising the profile of her business without ramming sales pitches down her audience’s throat. Yet it was pointed out that she was in the minority of women who’d not only identified but proven the potential of blogging in business terms.

The challenge
To provide a showcase for women in business to entertain, inform and engage visitors. A place where people could read about what interests them, interact with the authors by adding comments and have occasional opportunities to contribute their own posts as guest bloggers.

Sarah also wanted Birds to challenge a whole lot of stereotypes, not just ‘mommy bloggers’ and already had a fairly clear idea of some women she’d immediately want ‘on board’ – so she got busy inviting women to join ‘Birds’.
Birds “introduced” Sarah to Jackie Groundsell, the founder of 1230 TWC, the UKs largest women’s lunch networking group. Sarah and Jackie worked closely together for many years, and in 2017 Sarah invited Jackie to take the “Birds Baton” and take Birds on the Blog on its next adventure!

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