Am I Nearly There Yet? - Stu & Eloise
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Eloise and Stu are a British backpacker couple, travelling the globe long-term and living life to the fullest!

Since out travel adventure started back in 2011, we’ve been writing about Travel Inspiration, Travel Photography and Travel Advice to all would-be travellers and those already on the road!

We think of ourselves as:

-Budget minded travellers (with the occasional splurge)
-Part time ‘off the beaten track’ explorers
-Slow Travel Experts
-Coffee enthusiasts
-Motorbike adventurers
-Budding yoga practitioners

We’re Slow Travel Experts. We never intended to travel for so long, but we haven’t looked back since the start of 2011. What’s the point of rushing? Being flexible while you travel will allow you to experience more, seeing things and places you’d never of dreamed have going to.

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