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Aha!NOW is an awarded, popular, and recognized life blog. Yes, it’s all about life.
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You can consider Aha!NOW as a resource for understanding the various aspects of life and the problems you face in it. Aha!NOW intends to serve as a guide to help you to understand life more closely and make your life easy. The ultimate aim of this blog is to help you to be happy in life.

In fact, the blog motto of Aha!NOW is “Discover Happiness”, and the punch line says it all –

Aha!NOW is all about understanding life, finding answers to discover happiness, and experiencing the Aha!moment.

Aha!NOW started off as a family blog in December 2010, and later by 2012 it grew as a blog dedicated to complete personal development. This includes all the aspects of one’s life – personal, family, and professional.

I also call my blog as a SELFhelp blog, where, SELF stands for – Self-development and Enrichment of Life and Family.

In 2014, Aha!NOW grew to become a life blog, and is on the road to further development and growth.

LIFE for me is Life, Inspiration, Family, Empowerment. Aha!NOW is a resource to help you understand these aspects of life.

You can find here resources about self-improvement, inspiration, relationship, parenting, children, seniors, health, work & career, blogging, and others aspects of life.

Aha!NOW is also a platform for exchange of diverse views with persons and professionals of different background, streams, and fields from around the world. Aha!NOW is an open space meeting place in the congested blogosphere.

In July 2014, I started an activity and forum based free membership community on Aha!NOW, called the Aha!NOW Blog Community (the ABC).

The ABC caters to both the non-bloggers and bloggers. In short time, it has already become a highly interactive and thriving community full of non-stop activities and engagements.

You can read more about the ABC here. Also, read the detailed story of the Aha!NOW journey in this post.

I intend Aha!NOW to be a place where you can seek World Wide Wisdom at your fingertips so you can make your life meaningful and be successful, however and where ever you are.

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