How The Ace Blogger Was Formed

Hello there, I am Maxim Dsouza. I am a self-improvement blogger at Productive Club. During my blogging journey, I had trouble finding blogs in my niche which allowed guest posts. When I tried to look up on Google, the lists which contained blogs that allowed guest posts were mostly broken or not active anymore.

I decided to solve the problem for myself by compiling blogs by category which allow guest posts. And boom, The Ace Blogger was born.

The Ace Blogger is all about connecting bloggers with each other. On this website, you can find opportunities to guest blog, list your blog as open for guest blogs, share useful resources and courses to other bloggers.

User Experience Specialist

Jaslin Lobo is the user experience specialist at The Ace Blogger. She ensures the bloggers on the platform have the best experience. If you have any comments for improvement, be it a request for a feature, a bug you encountered or a button you don’t like, reach out to her. We can’t promise we’ll incorporate every request, but we’ll guarantee you that your inputs will be heard.

You can reach Jaslin at


Tarun Bhadoria

Tarun is a finance professional whose talents range from writing stories to writing business reports. Ranked as ‘Literary Colonel’ by storymirror, Tarun has a unique narrative style of writing. When not writing or smashing keyboards over MS Excel, he literally loves to eat, sleep and repeat.

Sonika Dalal

An Instagram Addict and along with that a lifestyle blogger, who loves to write about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. Her blog is ranked as one of the best Lifestyle blogs in India. Sunset scenes and nicely presented food really inspire me to click pictures of them.

Currently working as a Digital Marketer. The Moto of my life is – Live, Love, Laugh.

Shirshendu Biswas

Digital analytics & marketing enthusiast who is also into content creation. Interested in trying new things and gain new experience. My interest lies in social media marketing, SEO & Google analytics.



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The Ace Blogger is a platform for bloggers to connect with each other and grow. You can find opportunities to guest post, attend podcasts/interviews and collaboration opportunities to grow your blog. You can participate in daily threads and help each other grow your blog.